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Smartphone Popularity in Holland

March 16th, 2011 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Research & Stats | No Comments »

The Phone House (also known as Carphone Warehouse) has done some research to find out how popular Android is amongst smartphone and featurephone owners. We received the numbers.


34% of smartphone owners have an Android device in their pockets versus 21% that own an iPhone. 17% uses Windows Mobile, 16% BlackBerry and 13% use Symbian devices. For most of the respondents, their current smartphone is their first (60%). In 39% of the cases, Android owners chose Android before starting their search for their new phone. They selected it for it’s usability. This is less under other operating systems.


Smartphone owners regard themselves as social, creative and unique. All groups except for BlackBerry think the NOS News show is the best program on TV. NOS is a government funded channel. BlackBerry owners prefer GTST, the biggest Dutch soap on commercial TV. This suggests most Blackberry owners are (young) females.

What’s Android!?

The Phone House also selected 1.500 featurephone owners to see what they think about Android. 68% had no clue what iPhone is. Some thought an Android was a meteorite, a game console or even a social network. Surprisingly, 13% of smartphone owners also hasn’t got a clue.


Android owners are most satisfied with their phone (95%) followed by iOS (94%) and BlackBerry (93%). Symbian closed the list with a 79% satisfaction rate. For iPhone (54%) and BlackBerry (58%) owners, batterylife is the biggest issue. Owners of an iPhone are the least likely to switch to Android. Symbian (88%) and Windows Mobile (81%) users are most likely to switch to Android on their next purchase.


Owners of an iPhone own on average 49 apps of which the actually use 24. Android users download 26 apps and use only 12 of them. Windows Mobile users have the least number of apps installed (7). From those apps, they only use 4. Most popular apps are social media, news and chat apps.


17% of smartphone owners have a tablet in their families. The iPad is not only popular under iPhone owners, but also under Android. Of all Android owners that own a tablet, 41% owns an Android based tablet and another 41% has an iPad. Under iPhone owners with a tablet, 85% selected an iPad. Internet and e-mail are the most used functions on a tablet (155 minutes/month). Owners of an iPad spend 200 minutes above average on browsing the web and sending e-mails. Tablets are also used for listening to music, but that is more popular on Android.

The Phone House questioned 1.000 smartphone owners for this survey.

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