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Mika Mobile Ends Android Development

March 12th, 2012 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Platforms: AndroidOS | No Comments »

Developer Mika Mobile has put a new article online on their blog in which the developer explains why it will seize to develop Android games. The main reason, the money, the second, annoyance with the market.

In the article, the developer first starts spilling its beans on the new 4GB filesize limit on Google Play. As the developer states, the initial .apk still needs to be smaller than 50MB and the developer still needs to use the same workarounds with the only benefit being Google hosting up to 4GB in data. The developer doesn’t expect a full lift of the .apk size as devices van only download only to a finite cache on the system that’s 30-50MB in size. The developer is annoyed that it would now need to change the code of its game to support this.

The developer also doesn’t want to dedicate time to implementing things like this as it says it is not making any real money with Google Play. It states that 20% of the $0,99 the games cost goes into Android support, porting and other Android specific problems. Android brings in 5% (and shrinking) of the revenues the developer receives from apps.

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