Kindle’s Open Beta

February 8th, 2010 by Arjan Olsder Posted in Platforms: Kindle | No Comments »

Amazon While we informed you that several developers had already started to work on Amazon’s Kindle, the company has now created a portal where new developers can sign up for the Beta as well.

To participate, developers have to apply for a Beta status via a webform. If the application has been accepted, developers will receive information to download the ‘KDK’ and how to test their apps and games on their Kindles (though it could also be you need to order special models, information is missing).

Revenues will be split 70/30% beneficial to the developer. Amazon will however charge for downloads. Developers have to pay $0.15 per MB used on Amazon’s network which could make free games expensive for developers when using data connections. When an app stays below 1.000 kb/month/user, Amazon will waive the data fees. Developers can offer their apps also on subscription basis. The maximum size of an app is 100MB. Any app bigger than 10MB will not be offered wireless but needs to be downloaded via PC first.

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